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BJP assigns actress Poonam Dhillon as BJP Vice-President

BJP assigns actress Poonam Dhillon as BJP Vice-President
BJP assigns actress Poonam Dhillon as BJP Vice-President

Veteran actress Poonam Dhillon joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in 2004, but it’s just now she has taken in an active part because its Mumbai vice-president. Poonam, who took control just before Diwali, says that she wishes to become a”hardcore employee” as opposed to a”decorative bit” like many celebrities in politics.

“I joined the celebration in 2004. But because of various obligations or duties, I had been inviting, but I wasn’t prepared to undertake an extremely busy role. It was not the ideal time as my kids were young… Today they’re grown up and separate.

“I feel quite strongly that the nation needs dedicated men and women that have fire… instead of individuals that are in politics just to get a livelihood. I would like to do my bit for my town and my own country. That is why I volunteered; today I could do anything that’s required since I’ve got the time,” Poonam informed IANS over phone from Mumbai.

The actress, in her mid-50s, started her movie career with Yash Raj Films’ Trishul 40 decades back, and proceeded to feature over 80 films, such as Noorie, Jai Shiv Shankar and Sohni Mahiwal. She recently featured in a tv series, but she’s no longer correlated with that.

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Poonam is focused on her new role on the political front.

“allocation of time is quite important. I simply don’t wish to become a decorative piece. All movie actors simply become ornamental bits; they’re known for specific things and that is it. However, I need to be a hardcore employee. This has been the intention, and now’s the ideal time for mepersonally,” said the mom of two.

Filmmaker Ashoke Pandit, at a question addressed Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis and Mumbai BJP chief Ashish Shelar, through Twitter, asked: “What is Poonamji’s contribution to the celebration and the culture at large you have made her Mumbai BJP vice-president? Why are those tens of thousands of employees who forfeit their own lives and professions for the celebration, not given articles? Is Bollywood the standards?”

For this, Poonam, stated:”I believe he must request Ashish Shelar, since I did not create the appointment. I’ve definitely been a quiet worker. I didn’t call any networking to get the appointment announcement. I really don’t believe in glorifying items and milking opportunities.

“I will tell Ashoke Pandit is I do not go tom-tomming my job; all of my social actions are for the improvement of my town and nation. I really don’t go on tv and begin talking about what I have done. I love to perform my items quietly and that I have a duty and a situation, perhaps he’ll discover more about what I am doing”

There are two or three causes Poonam would like to take up, particularly helping the families of farmers who commit suicide.

“I have been performing work for the farmers of Maharashtra. I’ll continue that. The farmers who commit suicide, their families are left thus bereft. That is one of those causes that I perform on… to uplift their elderly parents, young wives or kids. Farmer suicide is a problem I need gets eradicated, but in the meanwhile, if there is very little help which we may do to your families, that’s something that I actively want to perform,” Poonam added.

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Towards this and more triggers, she expects to galvanize support from her friends.

“Lots of our friends are so blessed. I’m sure their aims are to assist, but they want a route… If we provide them an path, and they’re confident the help will proceed directly to individuals and legally, they’ll be pleased about it. I would like to be a conduit in that,” Poonam mentioned.

While her role would be really to perform with the Mumbai BJP, the actress said she’ll be”pleased to do job anywhere in the nation because that is what my aim is”.

“To begin with dwelling is a fantastic idea,” she added.


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