India has witnessed a high demand for Government Jobs for many decades. People prefer Govt jobs as their career option considering the wide variety of benefits that are associated with these. Government jobs hold the kind of authority not found in private jobs. Govt Jobs also offers job security for a lifetime, and hence a lot of youth prefer them.

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Government Jobs 2020

Govt Job remains the all-time Lucrative option for any Individual seeking Job in India, Since childhood, they Grow up with the dream to get Sarkari Naukri so that the Life remains at its best.

Let\’s understand why the craze of Govt Job alias Sarkari Naukri is so High in any Individual

  • Govt Job means a secure lifetime Opportunity to serve and Earn.
  • The sense of Security is always highest in Sarkari Naukri because the procedure of removal is much together than getting Govt Job in India.
  • Irrespective of Performance Increments and Promotions ar.e secured in Govt Jobs and are done with a periodic exercise call Pay commission.
  • If you want to further study, Govt Jobs has provision for employees who are never by any private Employer so Sarkari Naukri is best.
  • Once you get additional Degree Sarkari Jobs have Options for you for inter and Internal Elevations.
  • Even After retirement for Senior Positions including posts like Directors of Various PSU\’s retired Govt Job Candidates are preferred.

Opportunities available to Join Govt Jobs 

Govt Jobs are divided into Various Categories based on their Location, Types of Service they render, and the Objective of Positions in Administration.

Govt Jobs can be classified based on Administrative Levels like IAS IPS, ICS, IRS, IFS, and so on Central Level.

Govt Jobs are Classified at State Level like SDM, State Civil Services, State/UT Administrative Services, Procurement Department, Welfare Department, Education Department, etc.

Another Dimension of Govt Jobs is PSU’s Banks Public Govt Partnership Projects like Building of Roads and Various other Facilities including Ports, Airports, etc.

Defence Services is One of the Major Departments which has wings at the state/UT level as well as the Central Level. Central Forces include Army, Navy Airforce in Centre of Attraction and CRPF, BSF, ITBP, CISF, and Many such Branched to render security services. At state Level Police, CID, Crime Branch, etc are in Place.

Various Ministries that handle Bigger Portfolio have entirely separate Opportunities for Govt Jobs eg Railway, Aviation, Jahajrani, Raod, and Transport.

Many Projects initiated by Govt for the welfare of Citizens, Poors also have many Opportunities for Sarkari Naukri like National Health Mission, MNGREGA, these Departments have Long term and Short term Govt Jobs Opportunities, like in the COVID 19 Times NHM is Hiring Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists and Other Healthcare professionals for Short term on Contractual Basis.

Many times to meet the Urgent Demands in Various sectors Govt offers Contractual jobs instead of regular Government Jobs, These Jobs under Govt are Good Paying and have the potential for candidates to get absorbed in the Sarkari Naukri also.

Benefits of Govt Jobs (Sarkari Naukri)

  • A regular source of income with the least threat of losing it.
  • Attached Benefits like PF which is to the top of Rs 5,000 a Month to 40,000 a Month.
  • Lifetime free Medical facilities for Family and Dependants with almost no Limits.
  • Fixed Comfortabel Working Hours.
  • No mental pressure of Performance or meeting Deadlines and Target, they are usually extended as per Convenience in Govt Jobs.
  • Govt Jobs are Most of Task-oriented instead of Target or Output Oriented.
  • The Task is always defined in an elaborated manner in Govt Jobs, Unlike Private which keeps on increasing once you achieve the predefined.
  • Sufficient Time for Self, Family, and Social Life.
  • Many Govt Schemes benefit govt employees like Housing, Finance, admissions, etc.
  • Exclusive benefits of Leaves/ Leave encashments, Loans LTA, etc, which are not comparable with someone in Private Job even if at a Higher Position.

How to Apply for Govt Jobs in India

  • Vacancies in Govt Jobs are declared with Official notification which carries all details in a detailed manner.
  • The Notification Mentions Qualification, Experience, Age Gender, Casts (For Reservation), and Various other Categories to define eligibility for Applying Sarkari Naukri.
  • Usually, Govt Jobs are Processed with A written Test followed by Interview by a Panel of Experts.
  • After Clearing Govt Job Exam you get a call for an interview if you are on the Merit list.
  • Final Selection is After Interview clearance.
  • Now as per revised norms no interview is needed for Lower Positions (Grade 3 & 4).
  • Subsequent to Selection an Intensive training is Given to any selected candidate which enables him/her to handle his role and responsibilities efficiently in Govt Jobs.


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