About Us

Sarkari News Media Inc. (sarkari.news) is an Independent News Organisation. Founded with an intention to create a platform that enables today’s thinking Indian by providing unbiased news related to Government of India’s work. The objective is to provide news about all things Governmental (Sarkari) in not just an informative but also an interesting and engaging manner. Considering the kind of undiluted interest, the country has regarding matters of the government, it is only obvious that exists a portal that helps them educate themselves along with the aid of an erudite and factual commentary. Whether it is policies or matters of defence, our journalists have made sure that the information you get is accurate and unbiased.

Why we Started Sarkari News?

India is one of the top developing countries with the biggest active population. In a demographic so diverse the matters of the governing body are a concerning issue. On top of that, the country has ways of handling problems that concern the public. There are some policy matters that truly create an impact and there are some that shred the country apart. We are here to talk about everything. Sarkari News aims to provide its readers with quality content that has a thorough journalistic approach.

There are certain criteria’s that influence the socio-political phenomena on the country. We at Sarkari news tr to bring these factors forward in a more unbiased manner.

The quality of our content is always high as the emphasis is on precision, alacrity, and credibility. Our idea is to include the overall national activity and present it to you as accurately as possible. Our professional approach towards reading politics is refreshing with a definite pace.

How was Sarkari News Started?

The increasing curiosity and political volatility in the country created spaces for voices that were fresh, young and relevant backing it with the expertise of our experienced writers we decided to create a platform that would know the weight of its statements and would provide people with the highest standard of news there is.

Our goal

Our goal has always been to be a voice to be reckoned with so that every time a reader reads one of our articles, they know that they can rely on it. The objective is to form a perspective, one that will help the reader get familiar with the state of affairs in the country. Whether it is defence activities or major policy decisions a minister’s take on a subject or a court hearing, we keep the socio-political and economic factors in mind

Meet our team of savvy Journalists: Sarkari News Team.

If you have any query related to content we post or wish to tip us with any story you can either visit our contact us page or mail us at [email protected].